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We help medical facilities choose and implement software technology based on our years of experience and our unique scorecard system that evaluates YOUR team’s needs.

Choosing the wrong software can cost you time and ultimately, lots of money.

If you aren't careful, you will purchase software your staff or doctors won’t use!

Providing healthcare leaders with guidance, resources, and help for navigating these extraordinary times.

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The Scorecard

Download a copy of our new ebook, The Scorecard System: Choosing the best medical software technology for your organization. 

Your team needs a trusted guide

You need a trusted guide. You need someone who can help you navigate the medical software technology landscape. 

Ancil Lea
Ancil Lea

Ancil Lea & Associates has over 31 years of experience in leading healthcare facilities to purchase software that meets their need, improves efficiency, and unites their team.

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Working with Ancil Lea & Associates, you will:

Be confident with your software selection

Walk through the process with a trusted adviser

Avoid any pitfalls from choosing the wrong software



"I think that through some of those contract negotiations that Ancil paid for himself right there before we ever even implemented the product, and so really became the trusted partner within our facility."

Brian Fowler CEO Arkansas Surgical Hospital

"Ancil is one of the most connected professionals I have ever met in the health care industry. If you need to get connected....he's your source."


David Martin, CEO of Allegiance Consulting Group


David Martin

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