Ancil Lea Consulting pivots to help ‘early stage’ HealthTech Companies

A new resource for early-stage HealthTech Companies to win new clients.

CONWAY, AR, US, April 5, 2021/ — For over 33 years, Ancil Lea and his group have worked with over 2,000 medical clinics, hospitals, surgery centers, and physicians, recommending and implementing medical software technology within these entities. During this time of the pandemic, they have turned their focus to help early-stage HealthTech companies gain new clients through coaching, connections, and a proven sales approach.

“Really, I’ve spent most of my career helping either ‘start-ups or early-stage medical software companies’ gain market share by getting new clients.” Lea’s experience has led to the development of a proven marketing and sales approach to help these HealthTech innovators achieve success. Lea continues to work with Innovate Arkansas, a part of Winrock International, since 2017. Lea started his first business in 1991. 

This pandemic has sharpened their focus on helping these HealthTech companies.  One of their clients, HIPAAtrek, Inc. of St. Louis, MO – CEO Sarah Badahman says, “Ancil and his team have fit right into our corporate culture, understood our Healthcare technology solution, and helped us close several accounts already in their short time working with us – 7 to be exact, in the first 3 months of 2021- Q1! You want to see results, Ancil and his team can deliver!”

“We are making this pivot as a company just to focus on these HealthTech innovators and helping them succeed by acquiring new clients through our experience, proven approach, and connections”, says Lea.  “We can use this powerful information to help others take a ‘short cut’ to their goals and dreams.”

For more information or to contact Ancil Lea and his group, go to and message them,  or follow him on LinkedIn

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