With running and managing your enterprise and dealing with the growing burden of governmental regulations, staying educated in the latest measures, innovation, software technology is critical. Having a trusted partner like ANCIL LEA has proven beneficial to our clients.

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"We needed a driving force behind our process as we explored new software instrumental to our operations. We all had full time positions while trying to incorporate the RFP process into our days. It did not work - Ancil (Lea) became essential to keep us moving forward"(with our software technology decision). -

Carrie Helm, CEO Arkansas Surgical Hospital Little Rock, Arkansas

Finding and implementing the right solution for a practice, hospital or surgery center is critical to its success. At ANCIL LEA, we are committed to discover the right, beneficial solution and implement a strategic fit for each of our clients.


Hospital -Complete OR Management Systems and HIS Integration selection

Practice Management, Scheduling, and Electronic Health Records

Ambulatory Surgery Center Solutions - EMR and billing

Market Development for Innovation technology solutions for healthcare

Secure (Encrypted) Communication Solutions (Texting, messaging, etc.)

Medical Software technology selection and implementation consulting

Business Intelligence solutions for healthcare Medical billing solutions


Communication, Marketing Assessment, and Consulting

Digital and Traditional Media Marketing Management

Public Relations and Brand Management

Special Events or Project Management

Graphic Design, Video and Broadcast Production

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